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CPD criteria might vary across specific occupations and are outlined by the proper Royal Colleges which you should seek advice from. Various professional bodies and associations might utilize various terms, such as 'CPD points', 'CPD units', or 'CPD credits', but they all just describe CPD hours, which is the actual time invested in a CPD activity.

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Where the terms CPD points, systems, or credits are utilized, a ratio might be supplied; this is generally 1:1, i. e. 1 CPD point equals 1 CPD hour. Do not be tempted to overdo your CPD hours to impress the appraiser as they may consider that time better invested on your clients, household, or relaxation.

Do not expect your appraiser to review big quantities of supporting info over and above what is required. Try to develop practical practices that make your paperwork simple, utilizing the understanding and abilities of your appraiser to assist you.

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The Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK has released the brand-new Physicians' CPD app.

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